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The Jesus and Mary Chain are rock'n'roll in a diverse sense. The style of their records and live performances from 1984 - 1998 varied but the music they created was always so darn good.

When I first started searching for Mary Chain sites in 1995 I found very few. After a year of frustrated wonder at when a site might pop up I decided to create my own in the vague hope that someone would find me to provide answers to my question (Australia had never been a hub for Mary Chain news). Quite a few years down the track, the amount of content on this site is proof that my plan worked.

Since it's launch on June 1st, 1996, the content on april skies has doubled, and quadrupled! I say thanks on the home page when people provide me with updates but some people who deserve special mention for their assistance are: Walter, Nicki, Keith Dumble, Eric Fraser, J.D. P. Lafrance, Jason Nussbaum, PopBooking, Dropray, Tom P, Tom K, Tom M, Hedgehog, Sarah, Matt, Mikko, Candy, Liz and Trev.

These days there are a number of JAMC web sites around that I have a lot of respect for and they keep me on my toes. It's great to see more awareness of the Jesus and Mary Chain even though they're no longer active as a whole (edit: January 2007 - there's a reunion coming up!). April Skies will continue to build it's reference material and although there'll be notes about what the various members of the Mary Chain are up to these days the focus will remain on the JAMC.

If you're keen to talk endlessly about the Mary Chain, or about pretty much anything else, then wander over to the Some Candy Talking message board and say "Hello".

Lastly I'd like to say thanks to Jim and William and Ben for without their music I'd have never built this little site.

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