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psychocandy Psychocandy - November 1985
    darklands Darklands - September 1987
barbed wire kisses Barbed Wire Kisses - April 1988
    automatic Automatic - September 1989
honey's dead Honey's Dead - March 1992
    sound Sound of Speed - 1993
sound of speed
stoned and dethroned Stoned and Dethroned - 1994
    hate rock'n'roll Hate Rock 'n' Roll - May 1995
munki Munki - June 1, 1998
All Else (B-sides etc)

If you don't know which album a song is from then here's an alphabetical list:
33 1/3Hate Rock'n'Roll
40,000KAll else (B-Sides etc)
About YouDarklands
Almost GoldHoney's Dead
Alphabet StreetAll else (B-Sides etc)
April SkiesDarklands
Between PlanetsAutomatic
Between UsStoned and Dethroned
Bleed MeHate Rock'n'Roll
Blues From A GunAutomatic
Bo Diddley Is JesusBarbed Wire Kisses
Break Me DownSound of Speed
Bullet LoversStoned and Dethroned
CatchfireHoney's Dead
Cherry Came TooDarklands
Coast To CoastAutomatic
Come OnStoned and Dethroned
CommercialAll else (B-Sides etc)
CrackedBarbed Wire Kisses
Cracking UpMunki
Cut DeadPsychocandy
Deep One Perfect MorningDarklands
Deviant SliceSound of Speed
Dirty WaterStoned and Dethroned
Don't Come DownSound of Speed
Don't Ever ChangeBarbed Wire Kisses
Down On MeDarklands
Dream LoverMunki
Drop-re-RecordedAll else (B-Sides etc)
Easy Life, Easy LoveAll else (B-Sides etc)
Everybody I KnowStoned and Dethroned
Everything's Alright When You're DownBarbed Wire Kisses
Far Gone And OutHoney's Dead
Feeling LuckyStoned and Dethroned
FrequencyHoney's Dead
Ghost of a SmileAll Else (B-Sides etc)
Gimme HellAutomatic
GirlfriendStoned and Dethroned
God Help MeStoned and Dethroned
Goes Around Comes AroundAll else (B-Sides etc)
Good For My SoulHoney's Dead
GuitarmanSound of Speed
Halfway To CrazyAutomatic
Happy PlaceBarbed Wire Kisses
Happy When It RainsDarklands
HeadBarbed Wire Kisses
Head OnAutomatic
HeatSound of Speed
Her Way Of PrayingAutomatic
Here Comes AliceAutomatic
Here It Comes AgainBarbed Wire Kisses
Hide MyselfAll else (B-Sides etc)
HitBarbed Wire Kisses
HoleStoned and Dethroned
I Can't Find The Time For TimesMunki
I Can't Get EnoughHoney's Dead
I Hate Rock'n'RollHate Rock'n'Roll
I Hate Rock'n'RollMunki
I Love Rock'n'RollMunki
I'm Glad I NeverAll else (B-Sides etc)
I'm In With The Out CrowdHate Rock'n'Roll
In A HolePsychocandy
In A HoleThe Complete John Peel Sessions
In The BlackAll else (B-Sides etc)
Inside MePsychocandy
It's So HardPsychocandy
Just Like HoneyPsychocandy
Just Out Of ReachBarbed Wire Kisses
Kill Surf CityBarbed Wire Kisses
Little Red RoosterSound of Speed
Little StarsHate Rock'n'Roll
Lost StarHate Rock'n'Roll
LowlifeSound of Speed
Man On The MoonMunki
Mo TuckerMunki
MushroomBarbed Wire Kisses
My GirlSound of Speed
My Little UndergroundPsychocandy
Never Saw It ComingStoned and Dethroned
Never UnderstandPsychocandy
Never UnderstoodMunki
New Kind of KickAll else (B-Sides etc)
New York CityHate Rock'n'Roll
Nine Million Rainy DaysDarklands
On The WallBarbed Wire Kisses
On The WallDarklands
PenetrationSound of Speed
PenetrationHate Rock'n'Roll
Psycho CandyBarbed Wire Kisses
ReverberationSound of Speed
ReverenceHoney's Dead
Reverence (Radio Mix)Sound of Speed
RiderBarbed Wire Kisses
RocketAll else (B-Sides etc)
RollercoasterHoney's Dead
Save MeStoned and Dethroned
SheStoned and Dethroned
ShimmerSound of Speed
SidewalkingBarbed Wire Kisses
Sidewalking (Extended Version)Sound of Speed
SilverbladeAll else (B-Sides etc)
SnakedriverHate Rock'n'Roll
SnakedriverSound of Speed
Some Candy TalkingPsychocandy
Something I Can't HaveHate Rock'n'Roll
Something I Can't HaveSound of Speed
Something's WrongPsychocandy
SometimesSound of Speed
Sometimes AlwaysStoned and Dethroned
Sowing SeedsPsychocandy
Stardust RemedyMunki
SubwayAll else (B-Sides etc)
Sugar RayHoney's Dead
SundownHoney's Dead
Surfin' USABarbed Wire Kisses
SwingBarbed Wire Kisses
Take ItAutomatic
Taking It AwayHate Rock'n'Roll
Taste Of CindyBarbed Wire Kisses
Taste Of CindyPsychocandy
Taste The FloorPsychocandy
Teenage LustHoney's Dead
Teenage Lust - Desdemoana MixHate Rock'n'Roll
Teenage Lust (Acoustic Version)Sound of Speed
Terminal BeachAll else (B-Sides etc)
The Hardest WalkPsychocandy
The Living EndPsychocandy
The Perfect CrimeHate Rock'n'Roll
These DaysStoned and Dethroned
Till It ShinesStoned and Dethroned
Tower Of SongSound of Speed
TumbledownHoney's Dead
Upside DownBarbed Wire Kisses
UV RayAutomatic
Virtually UnrealMunki
Who Do You LoveBarbed Wire Kisses
Why'd You Want MeSound of Speed
Wish I CouldStoned and Dethroned
Write Record Release BluesSound of Speed
You Trip Me UpPsychocandy
You Trip Me UpThe Complete John Peel Sessions
You've Been A FriendStoned and Dethroned