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The New Trinity, Bristol
S P / Melody Maker
(taken out of a longer review of several bands)

"I just can't excited (sic!) about hearing The Jesus And Mary Chain.

Get this. Ten years ago, a band called The Jesus And Mary Chain singing a vile sacrilegious song that goes "I wanna die just like Jesus Christ" IN A F***ING CHURCH would have had grannies and placards in the street. Nobody bats an eyelid. Insurrection swapped for assimilation.

The Jesus And Mary Chain singing "I Hate Rock'n'Roll" is like Sir Stanley Matthews saying "I hate football". The Jesus And Mary Chain are rock'n'roll. They have no feet, only cuban heels; no legs, only stalks of solid denim. But this incongruous pot/kettle hypocrisy is partly what makes it so hilarious (if the Reids really wake to find Brent Hansen and Matthew Bnannister shitting and pissing on them, I'm genuinely sorry. But face it, there's no media conspiracy to ignore you. Maybe people just don't give a shit anymore. Maybe you should have consented to that Pepsi ad after all).

"All these people with nowhere to go..." Well, you can talk. Like the Fall or the Cure, there'll always be a Mary Chain, ready to be discovered and discarded by each generation of 14-year-olds. Is this what they really wanted?

Incidentally, they're brilliant tonight. "Sidewalking", "Head On", mic stand abuse, thrilling nonchalance, you know the score. Later, I tell my friends they were f***ing 'mazin. No one believes me.

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