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May 2, 1998 - Dublin for the Heineken Green Energy Festival

It's nearly 15 years since The Jesus And Mary Chain inflicted their violent apathy on an unsuspecting public and there was always the suspicion that after such a long lay-off, this time it would be their fans who would be apathetic - but not a chance.

OK, so the brothers grim no longer turn their amps to 11 but thank Bono for small mercies. Instead, the guitars twist and twang - and all in tune. The band can even play their instruments and, one suspects, are proud of it. If anything, it's almost too clean: if the original incarnation of the Mary Chain sounded like the East Kilbride Chainsaw Massacre, the current model cuts with slightly more blunted blades. But it's always good to hear songs like 'April Skies' and 'I Hate Rock'n'Roll' again. 'Head On' still sounds as down and dirty as ever while the encore ( an encore - how about that! ), a thumping 'Reverence', still rings with a defiant sneer.

Thankfully, after all these years knocking over sacred cows, the JAMC have miraculously avoided turning into one.

[note: this is not the whole review.. most of the writeup on the gig talked about the support band who only played for 15 minutes. Also they didn't play 'April Skies' - he must have mixed it up with 'Happy When It Rains'.]

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