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Monday, 1 October 2007

Misquoted at Brixton Academy

A message from Jim Reid:

i just thought i should write this to anyone who is interested.

It's been reported in a couple of reviews (the NME and The Independent) that at our Brixton Academy show that I made a comment to the audience "You are a bunch of miserable bastards".

Some people might think it's no big deal but i think it's actually important to point out that i did infact say "WE are a bunch of miserable bastards", which seemed appropriate at the time, as it was just after the song 'Happy When it Rains'. I've asked both of these publications to print a retraction, but i'd have more chance of the editors coming round cleaning my toilets. I have been told that they will print my letter though. so let's wait and see...

But for what it's worth, and for whoever cares, it amazes me that we can still play in venues such as The Brixton Academy, and that anyone cares enough to come, i certainly don't take a Jesus and Mary Chain audience for granted.

Jim Reid

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