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(Also check out the blog which is updated with JAMC news)

Added some upcoming gigs in London (Nick Sanderson tribute night), Mexico, Chile and Peru.

A new blog has been started up to bring together a collection of Jesus and Mary Chain covers. The plan is to get over 100 songs on the blog in the next 6 months so if you're feeling musical, or want to take a listen, head over to:
The Jesus and Mary Chain Covers Project on myspace
The Jesus and Mary Chain Covers Project Blog

New gigs and festival dates for 2008 have been announced in the USA, Argentina and Brazil on top of the previously announced Japanese festival dates. Check out the upcoming gigs page for more details.

A range of photos from the various recent Australian festivals and gigs have been uploaded to the gallery.

The Summer Sonic web site has announced that the Jesus and Mary Chain are playing the Japanese Summer Sonic festival on the weekend of August 9-10. The two day festival is held in Osaka and Mihama-ku, Chiba (near Tokyo).

The March 11 Roundhouse London gig has been cancelled but anyone with tickets can use them at the Roundhouse on March 12. More details on the blog.

Three more Australian shows have been announced in between V Festival appearances - Brisbane April 1, Sydney April 2, and Melbourne April 3. Check out the gigs page for venues and ticket outlets.

Two London gigs have been announced for March 11 and 12, 2008, at the Roundhouse in Camden, as well as a visit to Australia at the end of March/early April 2008 for V Festival - full list of dates on the upcoming gigs page.

The Las Vegas show on October 20 has been cancelled.

Jim Reid has written on the JAMC and his own myspace pages about being misquoted in some reviews about the Brixton Academy show. Here's what he wants to clear up:

i just thought i should write this to anyone who is interested.

It's been reported in a couple of reviews (the NME and The Independent) that at our Brixton Academy show that I made a comment to the audience "You are a bunch of miserable bastards".

Some people might think it's no big deal but i think it's actually important to point out that i did infact say "WE are a bunch of miserable bastards", which seemed appropriate at the time, as it was just after the song 'Happy When it Rains'. I've asked both of these publications to print a retraction, but i'd have more chance of the editors coming round cleaning my toilets. I have been told that they will print my letter though. so let's wait and see...

But for what it's worth, and for whoever cares, it amazes me that we can still play in venues such as The Brixton Academy, and that anyone cares enough to come, i certainly don't take a Jesus and Mary Chain audience for granted.

Jim Reid

Some more US dates in October have been announced for San Diego and Denver. Check out the upcoming gigs section.

Some US dates in October have just been announced! Check out the upcoming gigs section.

Added London's Brixton Academy on September 7, 2007, to the gigs section.
Check out the blog for bits and pieces about the Meltdown show.

Added August 10 @ Øyafestivalen in Oslo, Norway to the gigs section based on an announcement on the Festival's web site (thanks DirtyDeluxe)
You'll be seeing some articles about the JAMC in music magazines - Uncut July (with the Rolling Stones on the cover) has a two page interview and the current US Rolling Stone (with Amy Winehouse on the cover) has a feature.

Added Resurrection - a blog tracking JAMC activity - to the links page.
Added mention of Findlay Brown's cover of "Just Like Honey" to influencing music - recorded covers/mp3s
Miscellaneous updates to the gigs section - thanks to everyone who keeps sending in details of past gigs!
I've added August 25 @ Rock en Seine to the upcoming gigs page however the JAMC myspace page doesn't mention it so I don't know if it's a confirmed date.

I've set up an April Skies blog for keeping track of JAMC news which is replacing the old "jamc news" section. It includes an Atom RSS feed which you can subscribe to if you have a feed reader. It's a bit of a trial but we'll see how it goes. Go and see the latest about Letterman and the first of the NYC shows.

I dashed over to the US to check out the reunion gigs at the Glass House in Pomona and the Coachella festival and the band were on fire! Anyone thinking about seeing them at the upcoming shows, get your tickets quick and enjoy! I've posted some photos on Flickr and will add some to the April Skies gallery soon, along with other updates.

To check out videos from the Glass House gig on April 26, check out this post on Some Candy Talking - thanks Rob!

More dates for the London Meltdown Festival and New York City added to the upcoming gigs page (woo!).

More gig dates for 2007 have been announced in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Scotland and Ireland, as well as a pre-Coachella gig in Pomona, California on April 26 - tickets on sale now. You can see information about the gigs on the upcoming gigs page.

Added "God Help Me" to the Tabs page.

More updates coming soon including a lot of updates to past gigs - thanks to everyone who has sent in details...

The official Jesus and Mary Chain site is up at - not much there at the moment but hopefully there's some more info there soon.

An official William Reid myspace page has been launched at

The Jesus and Mary Chain are confirmed for the Coachella Festival in the US on April 27, 2007. The line-up will be: Jim Reid, William Reid, Phil King, Mark Crozer, Loz Colbert. Tickets go on sale this weekend.

An official myspace page has been launched at and apparently an official website is on its way next week.. more news about that when it comes in.

Apparently the Jesus and Mary Chain are playing the Coachella Festival in the US on April 27, 2007. The Coachella website should be launched this week (currently it just shows this year's poster with the line-up including JAMC). Waiting on official confirmation....

Freeheat's Back On the Water album is out now through Planting Seeds Records as well as a T-shirt designed by Ben Lurie. You can pick up both at the Planting Seeds Records Shop!

The Rhino re-releases of 5 JAMC albums should be out now in America. Check out jamc news for more details.

Added a lazycame site to the links page and cleaned out a bunch of dead links at the same time.

Added a few more JAMC and Jim Reid guitar tabs - thanks to Olof for submitting "Some Candy Talking".

Congratulations to the Jesus and Mary Chain for winning the MOJO Maverick award, presented to Jim by Bobby Gillespie. More info here:
Mojo »
The Times » (love the accuracy.. err!)


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