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fan sites

Almost Gold - a Czech site
Jim Reid - my little Jim site
Jonnos Jesus and Mary Chain Tribute Site
lazycame - All about William Reid's solo work including lyrics and song clips
Nicki's Favorite Jesus & Mary Chain Photos and Lyrics
Rafa's Trade Page - trade gigs and videos
Resurrection - a blog tracking JAMC activity
Retoxed - Trev's Retoxed about Freeheat
Some Candy Talking - JAMC discussion board
WAR - my one page William site

random other sites

BBC Online - Music Profiles - brief history of the mary chain
BBC Scotland's the Vault - email them your stories!
Creation Records - a site "for all things relating to Creation Records"
Hans Gylling's Jesus and Mary Chain Discography - dated from 1995
The Jesus and Mary Chain
kittenpainting : william and hope cartoon and 1989 cartoon
NME Jesus and Mary Chain band page
RollingStone Jesus and Mary Chain band page
Ted Grudowski's Photography
Triple J : The Jesus and Mary Chain J-File - sound clips and 8 minute documentary
Wikipedia - the Jesus and Mary Chain

official sites/stuff

official JAMC site
JAMC's myspace - recently setup official JAMC myspace page
SubPop's Munki site - US record label (1998)
Freeheat - the Freeheat site
Jim Reid's myspace - official Jim Reid myspace page
William Reid's myspace - official William Reid myspace page

chords and lyrics

Go to the music : tabs page for some Tabs and links

online articles

Don't speak a particular language? Check out the page, and then paste the URL in to the ultra amazing Altavista Babelfish. Wallah! It may not be fluent, but you'll atleast get a vague idea.

NY Rock interview with Jim
The Boston Phoenix review of Munki
One Billion Robots a nice short review of SaD
Review:The Jesus and Mary Chain Hate Rock 'n' Roll A review by Scott Byron.
Review:The Jesus and Mary Chain Hate Rock 'n' Roll Review including soundbyte.

places to discuss jamc

Some Candy Talking - web based message board


Triple J Hottest 100 for 1994
Triple J Hottest 100 for 1992