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Sunday, 23 April 2006

Freeheat's Back on the Water

Freeheat's Back on the Water, an album of studio recordings and live material, will be released in a few months time on Planting Seeds Records. Check out or for more information.

"Back on the Water" track listing:
1. Keep On Truckin' 2. What Goes Around* 3. Back on The Water* 4. The Story So Far* 5. Everything 6. Dead End Kids* 7. Get On Home 8. Facing Up To The Facts* 9. Shine On Little Star 10. Get On Home* 11. Down 12. The Two Of Us* 13. The Real Deal 14. Shine On Little Star* 15. Don't Look Back 16. K Moon* 17. Baby G2*
*Recorded Live at Paradiso, Amsterdam

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