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the band

it began...
the early years Hailing from East Kilbride, Scotland, Jim and William Reid were young, unemployed, and disgusted with the music being released in the early 80s. In 1983 they recorded two-man demos but record companies couldn't care less.

The Jesus and Mary Chain began in early 1984 with Jim on vocals, William on guitar, and recruits Douglas Hart playing a three stringed bass and Murray Dalglish on a two-piece drum kit. They crashed Glasgow gigs claiming they were the support band until they had played so many that they could no longer show their faces around the venues.

May 1984 saw the band move to London to expose themselves and find fame. It was a case of the right place at the right time as the owner of the Creation label, Alan McGee, had opened the Living Room - a venue for new music. Having heard a demo tape passed on by Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream), McGee invited the Jesus and Mary Chain to play their first London gig on June 9, 1984, as a support band. With an audience count of about 20, and a 10 minute set, they began their climb.

the middle years As they replaced Murray Dalglish with Bobby Gillespie, McGee signed the Jesus and Mary Chain to his independent Creation label and released the debut single Upside Down. The 7" topped British independent charts selling 35,000 copies and the singles mumbled vocals ("Feels like I'm going mad / Best friend I've ever had / Tell me why I feel so sad"), steady drum beat and squealing feedback managed to impress those with money.

Media attention grew and record companies wanted to sign on the Jesus and Mary Chain. Without funds, Creation knew it couldn't support what the Jesus and Mary Chain was becoming but Alan McGee continued as their manager. Dressed in black leather, dark sunglasses, and with heads of messy hair, the Jesus and Mary Chain's contracts offered to "improve" the band's image. They refused to take up these offers and instead signed up with the WEA subsidiary label Blanco y Negro in January 1985.

When they released the debut album Psychocandy in November, magazines and newspapers praised the album as a breath of fresh air. The feedback, simple yet catchy songs, and basic drum beat were unlike other recordings of the time. The album was noisy, yet appealing. With lyrics like "Grass grows greener on the other side / corn grows sweeter on the other side" (In a Hole) it all seemed a tad absurd, but atleast it was something new.

That's what this web site is about.. browse around and read all about it.

it ended...
On September 12, 1998, at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, the band had a falling out on stage approximately 15 minutes in to their set before a sell out crowd. The band continued their US and Japanese tour minus William, and although it appeared that the band no longer existed, it wasn't until October 1999 that the official announcement was made.

and then there was a reunion...
On April 26, 2007, the Jesus and Mary Chain reunited in-front of a tightly-packed sold-out crowd at the Glasshouse in Pomona, California, the night before performing for thousands at the Coachella Festival in Indio, California.

The new line-up consists of Jim Reid (vocals), William Reid (guitar), Phil King (bass), and new recruits Mark Crozer (guitar) and Loz Colbert (drums). The Jesus and Mary Chain, following on from where they left off playing gigs far and wide, have so far played in the US, UK, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Germany, France, Scotland and Ireland as well as performing their new song, All Things Must Pass, on US tv show "Letterman".

With more US dates announced for October 2007, we'll have to wait and see what happens next.